The Linchpin

Bart and I are still figuring out the rhythm of this blog and how we can use it effectively . I think we both like the idea of having another avenue to speak to areas of students, parents, Christian living, and even random thoughts like Chipotle burritos (anyone know when it’s opening?!)

As we move forward with the blog I really don’t see both of us posting in one weeks period. With that being said, one of the blogs I personally follow posted this video and I thought it was to good to sit on. Plus I haven’t posted anything yet and finally had something worth sharing.

A little back story from me: For the past probably 6 months, God has been reminding me in different ways that He is all we need. The longer we are Christians it seems like the more we try and do life without Him. “Thanks for salvation God, but I’ve got it from here.” We might never say this but we can act this way.

I’ve been constantly reminded that when we do this, it never works out the way we wanted it to. It’s Jesus plus nothing!!

This video talks about how it’s not about good works, but it’s Jesus that holds everything together, hence the linchpin idea. Enough from me already, here’s the link for the clip.


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