Behind the scenes: prayer during prep

With Beach Blast coming in just a few short weeks (less than 2 and half weeks as I write this), I thought I would give some insight to my specific prayers for Beach Blast. I hope that you have been praying about it also. If you have please continue, if you haven’t, it’s never to late to start.

There are several interesting things that were playing out as I went into planning for the middle school side of beach blast, specifically the Bible studies and the messages for each worship session. 1) I’ve never had to come up with so much material at one time. 3 Bible studies and then 3 messages that help tie these together. And then 2) I’ve never been to beach blast or had a hand in putting on a camp of this level.

So it’s with these 2 major things in mind, I began working planning, conversing with Bart about things I needed to know, and praying for the process and the trip.

I’m happy to say that things are moving along great. The Bible studies have taken great shape and I’m excited for the students to be taught them. The messages are coming together better than I expected and think they fit the Bible studies perfectly.

My prayer for beach blast changed last week and I think that has had made a great difference. My prayer has been that God would do something great in Bart and I. And from the overflow of what He’s doing in us, that’s where we will approach the prep for beach blast. I started praying this pray shortly before starting working on my messages for the week. They were outlined and I had a good idea where I wanted to go, but God’s been revealing new things to me and I never been more happy with the results for message prep in my short time in student ministry.

I know that God is going to something special in the lives of students and adults during beach blast. I pray that He is beginning to stir in them now, getting them ready for what He will show them during that week.

What’s your prayer for Beach Blast??


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