Update from the Student Ministry

The other day I was thinking about Jackson and what he does on Sunday morning with the Children’s department. Specifically how they will send home some info on what he’s learning, a craft he’s made, or a sheet with the Bible verse they learned.

I enjoy getting these because it helps me to know what he’s learning and based on that info we can ask more directed questions. Normally when we ask what’s he learned he responds “Cookies and milk/ juice”. While I’m glad he gets a snack, I’m sure he learns more in nursery than what snack he likes the best.

It’s with this thinking that I wanted to give you an idea about what we’ve been studying at Crave on Sunday nights. Last night was the third week in a series we’ve titled “Church Kids”. It’s based off of this book.  Bart and I both grew up as church kids so we have really connected with the things in this book. I have enjoyed going through and speaking to some of the topics covered in this book.

We’ve been breaking everything into the benefits and dangers of growing up in a Christian home. So far we’ve looked at Danger 1: thinking you’re saved when you’re not and some evidences of Christ in your life. Danger 2: Un-amazing Grace, how we need to get an accurate view of our sin to get an accurate view of God’s grace and some steps to help that growth. Last night we looked at the need to form our own convictions and not rely on those of our parents. We also gave out a card with 5 questions we think the students should be able to answer for themselves. They are:

1)    What would you say to someone who asked why you believe God exists?
2)    What would you say to someone who asked why you believe the Bible is true?
3)    What would you say to someone who asked why it’s wrong to lie?
4)    What would you say to someone who asked how you know Jesus truly was God and not just a great prophet?
5)    What would you say to someone who asked why you are a Christian?

In the next few days we will be posting the messages from each of the weeks so you can hear the same message that your student heard. And students, I want to encourage you to listen to them again. I think you will hear things that you might have missed the 1st time.

I hope that this gives you some insight into what we’ve been doing to help further the conversation with your student.

I wanted to mention Ski Trip for high school and Winter Retreat for middle school. Sign Ups are going on for both and can be found on our website. 


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