Hit by your own teammate

While watching this bowl game I saw this play happen and thought that sometimes it’s a good idea to get knocked down by your own teammate.

Number 88 was only concerned about getting the ball out of the end zone, while his teammate knew the team would be better keeping it in the end zone and starting their drive from the 20.

We need these people in our lives that 1) love Jesus and 2) love us so that from time to time they can knock us down and stop us from doing something that will be costly in the long run.

We need these people in our lives for not only times of trouble, but times of joy as well. They can share in the celebration that comes from the good things that happen in our lives.

We were never designed to do life on our own and accountability partners do life with you. I found this quote on what accountability partners do for us: help us to stay focused, encourage us when we need strength, and help us get back on the right track when we stray.

I think that sums up exactly what accountability partners are. It doesn’t make the hard conversations any easier, but because you know they love Jesus and you, you can accept things easier.

God has blessed me with someone that I walk through life with and it’s truly been a blessing. It’s great to know that I’ve got someone who is in a similar stage of life as me, who is a committed Christ follower, and cares about me. To know that he prays for me and because I’ve given him permission to ask the hard questions, can help me in areas that I struggle ultimately helps my walk with Christ grow stronger.

I highly encourage everyone to get someone who will walk through life with them. Some on that love Jesus and you. Someone that you can be real with and who will be real with you. Someone who has permission to knock you down when you need it, but will always offer their hand to get you back up.

Some Scripture verses to think about:

James 5:16
Hebrews 3:12-13


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