Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 1

Well, so much to recap even from day 1 of our trip to Belize.  For time sake, I am going to give everyone a quick rundown of our day and post some pics to tell the rest of the story!

We all arrived safely in Belize around 11:30am Belize Time (we are two hours behind) and the move through customs was really easy and smooth.  We were greeted outside the airport by 2 school buses and the phenomenal staff from Praying Pelican.  They are a great group of staff to work with and we are in good hands while we are here.  Anyway, we loaded up the buses and headed to the Caribbean Sea to a park where we could earn lunch.  One of the photos below is a group pic of our team at the park.

After eating lunch at the park, before we even headed into Belmopan, ministry already began!  We stopped by a retirement home in Belize City and built relationships with many of the folks there, sang to the residents, danced with them (haha, well one of them danced with all of us), and even learned dominos.  I am so proud of our students for being a witness to the folks there and for how focused they were on loving the residents of the retirement home.

After a couple of hours visiting the retirement home, we were on our way to Belmopan to the hotel.  On the way, we stopped for dinner at a place called “Cheers”.  What an awesome meal of homemade tortillas, homemade salsa, and limeade.

We arrived at the hotel this evening and everyone is tired and getting to bed early.  The hotel is great and certainly beats a lot of the places we have slept on mission trips.

Again, God has already been so faithful providing us with opportunities to share Christ’s love with the people here–continue to pray for our team.

COMING UP TOMORROW: We will be participating in worship tomorrow morning and evening at the Belmopan Church of the Nazarene.  Our students will have an opportunity to sing, give testimonies, lead Sunday School, and I might even have a chance to preach.

Have a great night and we will update you tomorrow!






One thought on “Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 1

  1. The Lord bless and keep each one. I am so happy you all are there to love on these people and tell them about Christ.

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