Belize Mission Trip: Day 2 Recap

Hello everyone, just wanted to recap day for you and let you know how things are going.  It has been a long, but incredible day.  Again, I can’t say enough of how proud I am of every single one of our students who have invested in the people here and who have gotten out of their comfort zone and shared Christ with the people of Belize.  There has never been a moment where I have heard any whining, complaining, or any negativity. THEY ARE AWESOME!  Thank you also for your prayers, please continue to pray for us here.

This morning we got up and ate an incredible breakfast here at the hotel.  We have truly been spoiled with the food the entire time we have been on this trip.  After breakfast, we headed to church this morning and began with Sunday School.  The students split up between the youth, children, and adult classes to participate and help out.

Worship began around 10:15am and what a great service.  Our students joined together in worship with the Belize praise team and my favorite song was a Caribbean version of “How Great is Our God”!  Pastor Magana then turned over the service to our team and it was up to us the rest of the way.  Both Koinonia and our youth choir were able to perform several of our songs and they were a huge hit with the people in the congregation!  Luke Edwards, Logan Ellis, Justin Tweito, and Brooks Robertson shared testimonies during worship, and I was incredibly proud of all of them as each one shared from scripture and shared what God had done in their lives!  I was also given the privilege of being able to preach for Pastor Magana this morning and felt so humbled for the opportunity.

After an incredible lunch and coming back to the hotel for a change of clothes, we headed back to the neighborhood the church is in and went door to door (in groups of 5-6 with chaperones) and invited people to the evening service tonight and our youth VBS tomorrow and Tuesday.  The neighborhood people were incredibly friendly and welcoming and several people came to the service tonight as a result of our students inviting them.

Tonight’s service was wonderful.  Our youth choir and Koinonia were able to sing once again and perform skits for the people there.  Emily Condra and John Wolfe were able to share a testimony of what God has done in their life and both did so great!  Believe it or not, Pastor Magana even allowed me to preach again tonight which I was not even expecting.  It was a very Christ-centered and moving service and we all just feel so privileged to be a part of what God is doing here.  Many people stayed after the service and talked with/encouraged our students, several people asked for prayer, and God was definitely glorified!

Well, no pics today but I will try and post some tomorrow.  We are pretty tired and so I will just leave you with this update.  Continue to pray for us!

COMING UP TOMORROW: We will be visiting a youth hostel tomorrow and will be sharing a devotional with the youth there.  After that, we will do some ministry and the choir will be singing in the local market.  We may get a chance to start some service projects, and then we will leading Youth VBS for the church.  No one could ever say we took it easy so far!


8 thoughts on “Belize Mission Trip: Day 2 Recap

  1. I am so proud to hear about all of the work you all are doing! Please know we are praying for each of you daily! Continue having a great week! Wish I was there! Love to you all!

  2. So proud of our youth… Awesome young people, willing to overlook any shortcomings they may have to share their faith and our Precious Lord… GOD BLESS THEM ALL. Keeping you all in our prayers.. George and Charley Steiner

  3. So glad to hear that EVERYTHING is going well!…. sounds like y’all have been and will be busy for the rest of the week!!! I pray that lives and hearts will be changed and challenged! WAY TO GO RHBC TEAM!!! Love u all!!!

  4. It sounds like God is truly doing His work through the lives of our young people! Praise the Lord! Bart, thanks so much for posting every day. We love you all!

    Daniel and Denise Tweito

  5. We continue to thank God for each one of you and pray that God will be glorified in all you do.May His legions of angels protect you and may every effort you make in His name be profoundly blest. JC & CC

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