Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 3

Hello again, everyone and thank you for following our Belize trip updates and for praying for our students and adults.  We have had a really incredible, Christ-focused trip here so far and I am, once again, blown away by our students and their heart for Christ and for people.  We have been doing a lot of relational evangelism and ministry and we have met a ton of people here.

This morning we began the day a little rough for some of them as we had some students whose stomachs weren’t feeling well.  However, as the day went on everyone  started to feel better and by the end of the day they were all back feeling much better. So thank you for your prayers in the name of Imodium A.D. haha

After breakfast, we headed about 30 mins outside of Belmopan to a Youth Hostel to hang out with the kids there.  It was definitely a highlight of our trip as students got to put on a program for them with games, singing, etc and then just visit with the kids for a couple of hours.  Our students were worn out as they played soccer with them, threw football, made balloon animals, and just loved on the kids there.

If you are wondering what the Youth Hostel was, it is basically a government run boarding school for kids who are mandated by the court to be there.  A majority of the kids, as the assistant director told me, were there for what the court calls “uncontrollable behavior”–which is basically a category for kids whose parents who either can’t handle their child or just give them up to the court and government.  He says their behavior is completely in control just no one wants to invest in them and they end up there.  Some other kids are there for some petty crimes, but most fall under the category above.  The man I spoke with had a great heart for the kids there and he hurt for the kids whose parents wanted nothing to do with them.

It was such a privilege for us to be a part of their lives for today and we are heading back there Thursday!  One highlight, other than the great conversations are students had there, was that after our choir sang to them, several of there girls got up and sang us a song.

After the youth hostel and some lunch, we headed to the local market place and set up a tent and Koinonia was able to perform at the market.  While they were singing, we just walked around and met people and shared Christ with them.  We brought some 1,000,000 dollar bills Gospel tracks and handed them out to many of the people there as a way of opening doors to talk about the Gospel.  Several students and I had a great conversation with some cab drivers and some other folks around the market and the people there loved the million dollar bills.  So much so that people were coming to me asking if they could have one!

When we had finished at the market, taken a rest, and eaten dinner we headed to the church for our first Youth VBS night.  We were blown away that we had around 35 people from the church and the neighborhood come be a part of the service.  Several people that we had already met came as well and we were able to reconnect with them.  For the service, we played some games, sang some praise songs, our students shared testimonies, and I was able to present the Gospel to the group.  We also prayed for the people there at the service and spent some time getting to know them.  Amanda Leigh Bell, Sullivan Byrd, and Taylor Kelley all did a wonderful job with their testimonies and really connected with the people there.

We are back at hotel now in our rooms and all is well.  See you tomorrow.  I will post a few pics below so you can see some of us in action today!

COMPING UP TOMORROW: In the morning, we get to be tourists and we are visiting the famous Blue Hole (look it up on line) and will get to swim!  Then, we will head to the market again, do some painting, and will be conducting another youth service at the church tomorrow night!



3 thoughts on “Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 3

  1. How AMAZING!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! what a testimony Bart! Looking forward to reading todays adventures tonight! It brings tears to my eyes!!! God is truly at work there!!

  2. I ditto Pam’s remark. I almost cried when you said that their parents didn’t want them. Well, we know God wants them and the youth group loves them as well!!! Amen. Keep up the wonderful testimonies I’m soooo excited that ya’ll are making such an impact for Christ.

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