Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 4

This week has flown by and it is hard to believe we are halfway through with our trip.  It has been another great day here in Belize and also another busy one!

This morning, we were able to travel to The Blue Hole National Park outside of Belmopan and visit St. Herman’s cave and the Blue Hole.  St. Herman’s cave was really cool and the Blue Hole was also amazing.  The Blue Hole is basically a lagoon in the middle of the jungle where the ground just opened up from an underground aquifer.  The water was clear, deep, and there were a lot of fish–it was a great time for us to swim and refresh ourselves from all of the heat and humidity.

After going to the Blue Hole and eating lunch, we went back to the local market again to do some relational evangelism and meet people.  It is always amazing how many people remember us and all of the conversations we are able to have there.

From the market, we went out to start painting two different houses in the area.  One house did not need to be scraped and was primed by the time our team left.  The other house had a LOT of scraping that needed to be done, but we were still able to get some primer on the house after painting.  We will go back to those two houses tomorrow and continue to work on them.

Tonight, after dinner we had another really successful Youth Night at the church.  We played several games with them, Brooks and Ashlynn led them in a silly song, the youth choir sang, and we had testimonies from our group.  Ashlyn Dickson, Austin Pace, and Laura Tsuboi all shared their testimony and did a wonderful job.

The team is doing well and they are doing an AMAZING job! Continue to pray for us and thanks for checking in on our trip!

COMING UP TOMORROW: In the morning, we will be able to visit an orphanage, at lunch the youth choir has been invited to sing at the US Embassy, and then in the afternoon we will continue our service projects.  In the evening, we will do another night of Youth Ministry!

No pics today as I am exhausted and it is later than usual that I am posting this update.  I will post some again tomorrow.  Good night everyone!


One thought on “Belize Mission Trip Recap: Day 4

  1. Taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in in Him! Psalms34:8 Bart thought of this verse as I read your update. Seems like y’all are living out this verse. I stay up to read your updates. So excited to see what the Lord is doing that day.. Thanks for your obedient heart!

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