Merge Recap 9/23

Last night we continued our look at the Church. We reviewed what we started last week, that as believers in Christ we make makeup the body of Christ. And like the parts of your body work together, the church is designed to work together. This sets up what we looked at last night.

We can’t work together if we don’t meet together. 

We used the example of a sports team or a dance or cheerleading group. Coming together and practicing as a group is a very important part of working as a unit. The same is true with the church. In order for the Body of Christ to function properly and effectively we have to work together.

Our scripture came from Hebrews 10:19, 22-25

This passage has become one of my favorite for its wording of how we are covered by the blood of Christ and washed clean from sin.
It begins by setting up the idea that we are truly members of the church when we are changed by the gospel.

Through out this passage the writer uses words like us, we and our meaning that we do church together. It’s not something that we do solo. It even talks about the importance of meeting together to encourage one another, love another, and see to do good works together. We can’t do any of these without getting to know the people we attend and worship with. The church was designed for us to know others and let others know us. For us to rub shoulders with each other and do life together. It was not designed for us to be anonymous.

We wrapped up our time with asking a discussion question for them to talk about in groups. Why is it important for us to meet even in middle school?

The answers that I got we all similar, but very encouraging. They all can be summed up like this: middle schoolers need to meet because it helps set a firm spiritual foundation for them to build on as they continue in making their faith their own. This just doesn’t apply to Merge or other youth meetings. It’s important that students attend “big church” and sit under the teaching of the senior pastor. Even though it might not be geared specifically for them, or even an style they prefer, they might catch 1 sentence that the pastor says and that 1 sentence can stick with them.

I can remember a phrase that I heard as a 9-year-old sitting in a church service that has stuck with me to this day. “We are saved by grace through faith alone.” I did not understand the full weight of that until years later, but it’s stuck with me for twenty years now.

Speaking of the importance of being involved in a worship service, we have several different options and service times to choose from. Here is how they are broken down: Traditional Service (Worship West) meets at 9:00am and 10:15. Our new modern service (Worship East) meets at 10:15 and 11:30.


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