Merge/Fall Retreat Recap 10/14

In everything I’ve ever heard about having a blog that people read and come back to, the number 1 rule is being consistent in posting. With this in mind I try my hardest to post on Monday and try to make that a high priority on my day. Because we were gone this weekend I took Monday as a family and a rest day. Tuesday was a crazy day back in the office and throw in slow internet and you get no post. So that bring us to today. Thanks for being patient and I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule this coming Monday.

Fall Retreat this year centered around the Lee Strobel book The Case for Christ: Student Edition and for Merge we did a highlights recap of the weekend for those students to were unable to make it. I enjoyed reading this book as much as I did presenting the material covered in the book. It is a very easy read and is perfect for students.

I’m not going to give an extensive look at what we talked about because it is straight from the book and I want to encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Some of the major themes we looked at were:

Session 1
Where do we get the bulk of our information about Christ? From the Bible and since we get some much info for it we looked at several Bible apologetics for the Bible being true.

Main takeaways:
1) The New Testament writings about Christ were eyewitness accounts written in the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. 
So they could have been easily verified.
2) Some the best evidence is the life change we see in 2012. Jesus is still in the business of transforming and changing lives.

Session 2
We looked to answer Who did Jesus say He was? To use a C.S. Lewis quote, Jesus was either a lair, lunatic, or Lord. Think about that for a second. He can’t be all three!! We looked at several different arguments for each side. One of my favorite parts was when we talked about Jesus fulfilling the Old Testament prophesies about Himself. There are 400 prophesies about Christ in the OT. Pick any 8 of those 400 and the chances of 1 man fulfilling just 8 would be 1 in One Hundred Million Billion. I didn’t ever know that was a real number!!! That’s a one with 17 zero’s behind it!!

Session 3

We talked about the Crucifixion and about how Jesus really did die on the cross. We looked at theories that try and argue otherwise but we talked about how bad crucifixion was and the beating that Christ took before even being out on the cross. I think was good for us to talk about this because I could see from the reactions, most of our students haven’t either thought much about the crucifixion or heard about how bad it was and what He endured for us.

We hit all these highlights in Merge and went over a sheet that had several If/Then statements about Christ. They were statements that basically said IF Jesus is who he said he was (God, sinless, an example for us) THEN we can trust Him with our entire lives.

We wrapped with saying that each of us has to do something with Christ. We have to make a decision and in-decision is as good as rejecting Christ.

One thing I’d like to encourage you to do if you talk with your student about the events and topic from last weekend is share your journey to accepting Christ. Talk about your struggles with questions about Him and steps lead to you trusting in Him. Trust me, you students would love to hear this from you!!!


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