Merge Recap 10/21

Last night we started a 2 week discussion group series. The idea is based around how we approached our Wednesday nights last summer. Bart and I would pick a different passage of scripture and ask some questions based on the passage. I’m a big fan this type of Bible study because the discussion process can take you any where. Very rarely is our thought process linear and this type of Bible study doesn’t have to be linear either. We always steer the conversation back to what the text is saying but it’s fun to see what a group thinks about a specific passage.

We will be in the book of Romans for this series. Once I really started thinking about what I wanted to look at Romans just seemed to fit. Will will probably only get to the second chapter but I’m ok with that. If anything it might teach students how to read the passage and ask themselves some questions to make them dig deeper into the passage.

Romans 1:17-25 was our passage last night. I enjoyed this passage as it lays out that God reveals Himself in creation and how often times we trade the truth of Him for the lie that we can put something else in His place.

Below are the questions that students answered. Read the passage and then ask yourself these questions. Visit some of them with your student. Be open and honest with some of the things that take the place of God in your life. It might be hard but your student will appreciate your honesty.

1) How are we made right in God’s sight and how is that good news?

2) How has He made the truth about Himself known? How does this make us without excuse?

3) What are some of the foolish ideas that you have heard about God? What are some ways in which we claim to be wise and are really fools?

4) What does the passage mean by “God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired”?

5) How do we trade the truth of God for a lie in 2012? How do we worship created things over the Creator?


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