Merge Recap 10/28

We picked up where we left off last week looking at Romans chapter 2. The format is a really simple one where we take a passage of scripture, read it as the whole group, then discuss some questions based off the passage as a smaller group, and finally answer the questions as the big group. 

As I mentioned last week, I a big fan of this type of Bible study and have really enjoyed seeing our students dive into a passage and see the insight they have. 

We started in Romans 1:29-30 because these verses set up what the writer is taking about in the beginning of chapter 2.

1) Why should we not judge those who sin? What warnings do we see in the passage?

2) How has God been kind, tolerant, and patient with us? How is His kindness intended to turn us from our sin?

3) What does it mean that God will judge everyone for what they’ve done?

4) Is the writer saying that we will receive eternal life by doing good works or good things for God?


We had some great discussion and follow-up questions come out of number 3. The most important thing we  talked about was that we as Christians will still be judge for the things that we have done, but we will not receive the punishment because Jesus has already taken our punishment. 

Number 4 is also a big one to answer. Nothing but faith in Christ can bring us eternal life. Doing good works, even for God, are good but they cannot save us. Salvation only comes in and through Christ. 

Spend some time in the passage and answer the questions for yourself. This is a great way to do personal devotions also. 


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