Final Merge/Crave Recap

Last week Bart, our high school minister was out because his wife had their sweet baby girl Piper the day before. So for Merge we had a guest speaker one of our college students, Robert Tompkins. He is working on a recap post for his time in Merge since I was not able to be in with them because I was leading the high school students. I will post his recap very soon.

This week was the last Merge and Crave for the semester. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we end right before the craziness begins. But don’t worry, we will back on January 6, 2013 ready to go!!!

For our final meeting we decided to do a night of worship with both middle school and high school. Both Bart and I feel very happy with they way the night turned out. We had several songs (listed below), interwoven with a video element, and 2 devotional thoughts with a response after each.

It was a great night, probably one of my favorite things that we do all year!! Just to have a time where our students gather to focus on nothing but worship Christ is a highlight. Both middle school and high school spoke alot about the gospel, Christ and living as a devoted follower of Christ, so last night was the perfect way to end that.

Next semester is shaping up to a great one and I look forward to recapping each week. Check back for more updates and insight into the student ministry.

Set List

The Only One
Here For You
Set A Fire
You Are My Joy
Death in his grave
All the Poor and Powerless


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