Middle School Winter Retreat

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and I thought that talking about our upcoming MS winter retreat would make for a good post.

The Details
January 25-27, 2013
Myrtle Beach, SC

Why You Should Go

1) Fellowship-This trip is a great, low key trip where hang out time with friends is built heavily into the trip. We will have 3 sessions where we will play some games, watch people eat gross/interesting things, and have a time for Bible study. This will be like Merge for an entire weekend!!

2) No-Talent talent show-Everyone who comes on the trip is encouraged to participate in this. They can do it a group of friends or individuals. We have seen song and dance routines, really funny stand up comedy, and some people singing so bad it was good. This is one of my favorite things we do on any trip!! Last year I wasn’t able to see much of this because I drank a bottle of hot sauce which was so hot it caused me to get sick to my stomach and made me puke. There will NOT be repeat of this performance this year!!

3) Polar Bear Plunge-Every year those willing put on their bathing suits and jump in the ocean!! Nothing like the Atlantic in January! Don’t worry we don’t stay in to long and get plenty of pictures. The best shower of your life comes right after getting out of that water.

4) We Are Going To Medieval Times-Personally I love medieval times. It’s a great place to bring a large group. You get a good show, great food, and it’s something different. If you’ve never been and are curious, here is a link to their website. 

5) If we have 75 students go, I will shave my beard-I have had my beard since December 2008. I trim it just about every week, but is has been almost four years since I did a full shave and I wanted more of an incentive to get students to go.

I could go on but those are the highlights of the trip. I’m a really excited about that week and what God is going to teach us in our time in His word and in all that we do as a group. Registration is going on right now in the Attic or online here.

Please let me know if you have any questions. My email is zakk@riverlandhills.org


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