Merge Recap 1/13


Last night we went back to discussion groups like we did last semester in Merge. We looked at Romans 1 and Romans 2 in those sessions, so last night we picked up with chapter 3. As I mentioned in these posts, I love this way of looking at a Bible passage as a group. I love seeing what students pull out of each passage. The discussion is really good and I think the students like being heard and exchanging thoughts.

When I started to prepare by reading chapter 3, it was full of good things. So much that I had to really think about the direction we should go. I suggest that you read the whole chapter to get in on the goodness!!

Here is the section that we looked at, Romans 3:20-28

1) What does it mean that we fall short of God’s glorious standard?

2) Why don’t we deserve His kindness?

3) How are we made right with God?

4) Why can’t we boast about being accepted by God?

The discussion that came out of number 2 was really good. We talked about how because of our sin, the things we do that we shouldn’t (commission) and the things we don’t do that we should (omission), cause us to be apart from God. And that this sin makes us unable to get God, but through His Son we are shown God’s kindness. We talked about how Adam and Eve did nothing to deserve to be placed in the garden BEFORE the fall. That man has never deserved anything good from God, that He gives us everything good because of His kindness.

This specific passage points out several familiar things, but all things that we need to reminded of.

Our students did a great job of discussing these questions and I encourage you to read the passage for yourself and talk these questions over with your student. I think you’ll surprise each other on how simple this conversation happens.

See you next week!!!


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