What is Merge?


Last Sunday we had no PM activities since it was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and our high school students were skiing. Since I don’t have anything to recap, I thought I would give you some insight on what the goals of Merge are.

When thinking of a way to describe what I wanted Merge to be I came up with this: A chance for middle school students to connect with others and to deepen their relationship with Christ. That description also includes the goals for Merge.

1) Connect with others=merge into student ministry
2) Deepen our relationship with Him=our lives merge into His

In everything we do at Merge I want us to accomplish these 2 goals. So far I feel we have done that. We connect with others in a variety of ways. We share a meal together at the beginning of every Sunday night. This meal is free and is prepared each week by a team of volunteers. We also have an Xbox that is available for students to use before we start. We do a number of games, challenges, and watch a wide range of videos together. All of this is done so that students will connect with each. To have fun, learn and laugh together.

Each week without apology we are going to dive into Scripture and look at how we can apply it to our lives. After we made the decision to split middle school and high school on Sunday nights, Bart and I talked about how we would approach our teaching series. We typically have one full blown study a semester typically 4-5 weeks. The other weeks we go based on what each of want to or something we feel that leans itself more to middle school or high school. We also have some weeks where we are combined as the entire student ministry.

The goal for my blog post each week is to 1) give parents a chance to know what their students are doing. I also want to resource them as well. I try and give some follow-up ideas on how they can engage their kids on what we’ve talked about. 2) There is a alot of prep that goes into preparing each night and blogging about it helps that prep to live on. Plus it has unexpectedly helped me to debrief each night and forces me to evaluate each night as it is happening so I can figure out how I’m  going to blog about it.

I can tell you all about Merge but the best way to learn about it is come and see for yourself. Consider this an open invitation!! I would love for you to come and see what we do. Beware I’m gonna do some follow-up on what you thought and want your insight.

Environment is a big deal for what I wanted Merge to be. Here is what the Merge room looks like. Think what you will, but I’m happy with it.

MergeRoom1 MergeRoom2


Next week I’ll recap the Winter Retreat that happens this weekend. See you then!!!


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