Merge Recap 2/10



Last night was one crazy night!! In a completely good way. I go in each night with a plan, an idea about how each nigh should flow. Last night was no different, I had my plan in place and I was all ready to execute. But the night wound up going in a different yet equally good direction. After thinking about it, I’m glad things went differently than I planned. I began a 2 week teaching series on Sunday morning where we’ll be looking at sex and holiness. So having a night like last night was just what we needed. I plan on doing a 2-part blog post about sex and holiness in March. So more on that to come.

Today’s post will be a little different than most, but I think it’ll set up where we are going over the next several weeks.

I’m not going to recap any of the teaching, because frankly there wasn’t any. I came prepared with a message, but we never got to it. It was the fastest hour we’ve had a Merge. We spent a good amount of time talking about Disciple Now, which is a large event we are having in March. You can read the details and sign up here. I answered alot of questions about the weekend so I feel this was time well spent.

We then moved on to our celebration of National Jello Week. Google it, it exists!! This was an incredibly fun game that had everyone laughing and went incredibly well.

We then moved on the serious part of the evening. But first some back story, during Winter Retreat I was able to several conversations about Merge and other things. One of suggestions that came out of these conversations was have the students vote on what we would study each night during a specific series. I thought this was a great idea and put it to use in our newest series, Questions.

I asked the students what are some questions they have about God, the Bible, or Christianity and we’ll answer them over the next several weeks. We wrote these on a white board and then voted to see what we would study.

Here are the top questions:

If someone in another country has never heard about God and Jesus, where do they go when they die?
If God knew we would sin, why did He create us anyway?
Does God assign different weights to sin or is one sin worse than another to God?
Why are Christians so hateful to homosexuals?

Next week I’ll be starting the series by answering the question Why does God allow evil?

Please be praying for us over the next few weeks and we unpack some pretty heavy stuff. I’m looking forward to see what God shows us through this Questions series.


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