Merge Recap 2/24

2Questions Series.002Trying at answer’s last nights question proved to be harder than I thought, and I thought it was going to be tough.

As I began to research and figure out what God wanted me to share I came across the faith that saved people in the Old Testament. This provided the ground work that we built our answers on last night.

We broke down several things that students have faith in. The chair they were sitting in, that when they order food no one spit in it, and the fact that they have faith in what I say week to week.

Faith is very important to us as Christians. None of us have ever seen or talked to Jesus in a physical body. We weren’t there when Christ was crucified or when He rose from the dead. We believe these things on faith. There is evidence that help support all these things and we also have faith in the evidence.

Faith is confidence in someone or something and again as Christians we have faith that Christ is God’s son, lived a perfect life, died for our sins and rose again.

Hebrews helps set up the idea of faith and how it plays out in our salvation and the salvation of people in the Old Testament.

The people in the Old Testament didn’t have Jesus for their salvation, they had the promise of Jesus. So their faith in God and faith in the promise of Jesus provided salvation from sin.

I heard a great illustration to this very idea a few days ago. Like most people, I use a debit card as my primary method of payment. My pay check is direct deposited into by account my money is available for my debit card.
A credit card is a different. I can play for something using my credit card and not have to pay till the end of the month.

Since we live in the time after Christ death and resurrection, His payment for sin is already in our account. But the people in the OT had the promise of a Savior, so they were saved on credit. Once Jesus came He died for everyone’s sins, past and present, for all time.

I hope this illustration helps you understand what I’m trying to say.

With the idea of faith our base, we looked to finally answer  What happens to people who have never heard the Gospel?

We looked at several different scriptures and we started in Romans 1:20

We have looked at this passage before, but it was good to come back to it. This verse sets up that we are without excuse for not knowing God. He is not trying to hide Himself. He wants people to know Him. These verses outline that He makes himself visible through creation. That in creation we see His 1) eternal power. That He created everything we see including ourselves and is right now in control of keeping everything alive and moving.
The verse also reveals 2) God is a God of order. Everything is in His control and designed to work together to point to Him. Like a big sign or billboard saying “There is a God and you can know Him”

The next scriptures we looked at tell us that God is again in creation, but is also revealing Himself in the past. Acts 14:15-17

These verses tell us again that God is in control of everything and He doesn’t leave us without evidence of Himself. Then it points to things like providing food, and rain, giving us things that bring us joy.

I, like most of you, know very little about my great great grandfather. But I know that God has been working though the Rohrlack line to bring me to this point. You are the same way. God has taken care of you and those that came before you to get you to the point you are at.

So the answer is whether someone is told specifically about Jesus or they see God in nature-no one is without excuse.

If someone sees creation and follows the path I believe God will reveal Himself to that person and can save them. Again I believe that God not only wants us to have a head knowledge of Him, but a heart knowledge of Him. That is to say He wants us to have a saving knowledge of Him. So He is not trying to play games or hide from us. He is revealing Himself to each of in different ways.

It’s important for us to realize that we all have the choice to accept Christ or reject Him. God doesn’t force us to love or accept Him. He wants us to choose Him, but He gives us the choice all the same. If someone rejects what creation is saying, that there is knowable God, the Bible is clear that this person will go to hell when they die.

You are able to go to church, hear the Gospel proclaimed, read in your Bible and make a decision about Christ for yourself.

A person in an unreached people group can come to this same decision about Christ. While they may not have the same exact opportunities as you did, God is still able to reveal Himself.

That’s why it’s important that we think back to the time of the Old Testament and how they had faith in Christ.

It’s also important that we are faith to take the Gospel, the good news of Jesus, where ever we go. To work or school and to ends of the earth.

I would like to encourage you to have a dialog with your student about this topic. I think this one is really tough, I think it’s definitely worth talking about.

I take comfort in the fact that our God is so big that I can’t explain Him or His ways. I’m thankful that He’s in control. That maybe the best takeaway you and your student leave with.

Praying for you this week!!

Next week we cover: If God knew we would sin, why did He create us anyway?





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