Merge Recap 3/3

3Questions Series

We continued our Questions series by answering the question If God knew would sin why did He create us anyway?

We have been covering some deep stuff these past few weeks and I again want to say that students picked these. It’s been a challenge to answer these age old questions. This week was no different.

I want to start off by thinking about things on a parental level. We know going into parenthood that our kids are not going to do everything we want them to. We know that they will act in sinful or potentially harmful ways. But does this mean we should have kids at all? 

I think most parents would agree with me that the joy the kids bring is worth the risk of rebellion. Also I have learned more about the joys of giving since I’ve had kids than I ever did before kids. Because our children sin and rebel doesn’t mean they should not exist. This seems very harsh doesn’t it? I think we all recognize our children, like ourselves, have free will and can choose to do right or do wrong.

The question we are trying answer is a very man centered questions. I think a better one to ask is Why did God create the world at all? 

God didn’t do us any favors by create us, He created us for His glory. His glory is at the center of everything He does. He created the world to display His glory. Because He created the world the way He did, allowing sin and death to enter, we see all aspects of His character. His loving kindness, provision for His people, His mercy, His justice, His forgiveness.

Another thing to remember is God is revealing only parts of His plan, He’s chosen not to reveal all of it.

This is a hard one for us to wrap our heads around.

God’s plan wasn’t ruined by our sin. He wasn’t sitting in heaven freaking out because of sin. His plan from the beginning was to redeem us. His plan is being than our sin. 

Again everything God does He does for His glory.

Does this make God selfish? How can His purpose be to exalt Himself?

If God gave His glory to someone of something else, He would no longer be worthy of glory, the thing receiving His glory would be. Also God doesn’t act in a selfish, sinful way. He acts in the exact opposite way.

Romans 3:23-25 tells us that He loves us to much to leave us without a way to get back to Him. That’s the goodness and that one of the reasons we give Him glory.

Last night was an incredibly heavy night. There were moments where it felt like I was speaking Chinese!! I pray that God uses last night to draw our students closer to Him.

Be praying for us this next week and we look to wrap up our series by answering Does God weight sin differently?


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