Merge Recap 3/10

4Questions Series

We wrapped up our Questions series On Sunday. I told the students they had some really good questions that challenged me to really dig in and study so I could answer them the best way possible. I have enjoyed this series and I hope that our students are stronger have gone through it.

Our final question was Are all sins the equal?

The short answer is yes, all sins are equal to God.

This question allowed us to look at sin in a new way. We are all familiar with the fact that sin is something that goes against what God would have us do. It’s where we miss the mark or standard that God has set for us.
All sin can be broken down into 2 categories: Commission and Omission

1) Commission-things I do that I shouldn’t or sins I commit. Like lying, or gossiping

2) Omission- thing I don’t do that I should or things I omit. Like when I don’t tell the truth or don’t stand up for someone being picked on, or not showing respect to my parents.

Regardless of whether it’s a sin of omission or commission-each sin still misses the standard that God has set. Romans 3:23 tells us this. This is a verse that we are all very familiar with. But it says that we all fall short of God’s standard or commit sin.
All sin deserves the same punishment, death. Jesus took our punishment when He died for us. Our sin is much bigger than we make it out to be alot of times. If you were the only person to ever live and you sinned just once, that’s enough to separate from God. So while may think that sins have different weights to them, God sees all sin the same.

In Matthew 12:31-32 Jesus lays out the idea that all sins can be forgiven except for one, blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Now I know you’re probably thinking that this supports the argument that all sins are NOT equal.But in doing further study, what Jesus means here is the unforgivable sin is rejecting Jesus and therefore not being open to receiving the Holy Spirit.

We broke it down this way: if I have $50 and you never take it, can you enjoy that money? No you can’t. You have accept the $50 to be able to use it. Same thing in this verse, if we never accept Christ’s forgiveness we can be forgiven of our sin and we must pay for our sin. The consequence of not accepting Christ is unforgiveness and hell. We can either accept Christ’s payment for sin or pay for our sin ourselves. This is why it’s important to not put off accepting Christ, we don’t know when we might die. And if we die without Him it’s to late.

At the very beginning of this series we had a question about homosexuality. Since we were talking about sin, I felt this would be the best time to talk about it. In 2013 homosexuality is a hot button issue and I truly believe our student will have to make important decisions about homosexuality as they become adults. The world gives its take on homosexuality so as Christians we must talk about what God says, because He’s not silent on the issue.

Some Facts
1) There is no gay gene. Research on both sides of the issue agree they haven’t found a gay gene-so no one is born gay
2) Men and women are designed for each other both genetically and physically
3) God did not create people to be gay. Genesis 2 supports this

Romans 1:26-27 lets us know that homosexuality is not a new thing and it goes against his natural order of things.

Ultimately homosexuality is a sin issue. Sin twists what God designed to be good into something outside of God’s design.

I wanted to answer this question for our students: How should you treat someone who is gay? 

1) Treat them as a person not a thing

2) We should show them Christ’s love-Jesus never turned anyone away. He called them to abandon sin, but all were welcome.

3) If you have a friend that says they are gay, continue to be their friend and continually show them Jesus.

4) Pray for them and yourself. Ask God to reveal the truth to them and to help you to love them as Christ does.

Last important thing we talked about was homosexuality is a sin just like cheating on your husband or wife or looking at porn. Is sexual sin that Jesus died for. He is able to forgive any sin and make us into a new person. That’s the beauty of the gospel!!

Be praying for our students as they navigate these waters. Pray that God will reveal the truth as well as love, grace and wisdom in this area. Also be praying for us as we have Disciple Now this coming Friday. Next week I’ll recap all that will be Dnow 2013!!!


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