Merge Recap 4/7



We are on approaching the home stretch for Merge this semester. In two short weeks we will wrapping up for the summer. Some have asked the reason we do this. Because our ministry and our families are so busy during the summer, we take a break from what we do on Sunday nights. We still meet on Wednesday nights and are finalizing our plans for Wednesday nights during the summer. We will come back together for Merge in late August, once school starts.

Last night we had the opportunity to hear from one of our college students, Travis Teague. He is a senior at Clemson and is trying to figure out if God is calling him to ministry. After having a conversation with him over Christmas break, I asked if he’d like to speak to our middle school students. We we’re abel to get him in last night. So my recap will be my takeways from what he talked about.

The scripture last night came from Hebrews 11.

The main points were
1) Faith is the foundation of your salvation
2) Faith is knowing that God is who He says He is and trusting that He will do all that is promised in the Bible

Travis also talked about the promises of God through faith in Christ.

1) We get access to God. He’s the creator of the universe and everything in it, and I can have a relationship with Him and one on one access to Him.
2) We can have a relationship with him now and I can be with Him forever in heaven
3) Faith is not about just becoming a better person, it about become a new person. Jesus washes away my sins, and makes into someone more and more like Him.
4) We are forgiven of my sins.
5) We are sons/daughters or a co-heirs with Christ. This means that I am receive all the benefits on being a child of God.

He wrapped up by asking this question, How do we get this faith? 

We get it by heard the good news about Christ and responding to it. It involves is building our lives around the fact the Jesus died in our place, for our sins, rose again, and will one day return for those that are His. It involves us giving Him complete control of our lives and letting Him be in control.

Last night was a good message for our students to hear. I’m thankful for Travis and his willingness to come and speak to our students.

Next week we will be combing with the high school ministry for a night of worship. I look forward to the entire student ministry being together for one special night of worship.



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