Merge Recap 4/21



Last night was our last Merge for this semester. I’ve been wanting to do a fun night for a while. A night where we could just come together, have some laughs, and enjoy being together. There’s one thing that is very apparent about Merge-they enjoy time with each other.

Last night was the perfect time for that. Part of all of our Merge nights include some type of game. I’ve been collect games and forming ideas and saving some to use later. One such game was human bowling. I found inflatable bowling pins and got two furniture movers and we had a blast. I split everyone into 2 teams and everyone got a shot. It was crazy, but it was fun and a lot of laughs.

Another thing we did was duct tape students to table while laying on the ground. Then after 10 minutes, we stood the tables up. Both students lasted only a few seconds, but it was funny to see that much tape on 2 people!

Those two things used most of our time, but as one final thing we had our middle school students pray for each other. We had the 7th grade pray for the 8th grade as they move to high school and that God use them as they enter high school. Then we had the 8th grade pray for the 7th grade. That God use them as leaders in the middle school ministry and on their middle school campuses.

This year has been our first year of Merge and I am extremely happy with what Merge has become. I’m incredibly excited to welcome in our rising 7th graders in the fall!

Knowing that Merge was coming to an end, I’ve been stock piling ideas for the blog and will continue to add posts every week. Please stop by regularly and see what’s going on. I pray that the upcoming posts will be encouraging and helpful to you.


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