Is the smartphone too smart?


I recently saw that 50% of all teenagers in America have an iPhone. Now this post is not hating on the iPhone. I love my iPhone and my other Apple products.

This post is more to serve as a resource to parents about all smartphones, not just the iPhone. 

Just like last week this is a link to someone else’s blog who offers some great insight that I think you as a parent could use. Take a few minutes to read how to set up some safeguards for you student on the iPhone. Or if you don’t have an iPhone, Google how to set up similar restrictions on whatever phone your student has.

Also have a talk about the general cell phone usage and times to use it. Maybe talk about what else they are using their phones for beyond talking/texting.

Talk with your student about why you find the restrictions important. You might find the more upfront you are with about protecting them, the more open to the guidelines they are.

Also consider instituting a parent-child cell phone contract. Here a link to one that I found after a simple Google search.

I’m planning on doing a contract similar to this whenever we start doing cell phones for my kids.

Here’s the link for the main article: Smartphone Safety Nets


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