Resource for Parents



All this week Bart and I have been laying out our curriculum for YBF and making some other decisions for the next year.

One of the resources that I’m most excited about are devotionals written specifically for students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

I try not to promote a resource that is specifically for one section of our students, but this resource is written for students who are in each of the high school grades.

I plan on using the Freshman book for our 8th grade students in the late spring as they look forward to moving into high school. Even though this is a devotional, my plan is to take the 3 best fitting topics and work them into a Bible study series.

I want to encourage our parents with students in or entering high school to check these out. I think it would be something great for you as a parent to go through these with your student.

I’d love to get your feedback if you get these for your student.

Here are the links for each devotional. You can also download a sample of each devotional to get a feel for how it’s laid out.









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