Merge Recap 9/8

Merge Welcome

Teaching Series: What is Merge? (1 week)
Message in a sentence: Merge is a place for us to belong together and provides a place for us to grow in Christ.

Last night we started back with Merge, our weekly large group gathering for Middle School students.  I’m so excited to be back doing Merge and for our new 7th grade students to experience it for the first time!

We looked at a passage of Scripture that compares us as Christians to the human body. 1 Corinthians 12 says even though our bodies have many different parts, it’s still one body. The same goes for us as Christians. In Christ we are all connected and should come together. This points out that we belong to each other and that’s one of the things Merge should be about.

Our second passage continues in 1 Corinthians  and helps us see that we belong to Christ. 

We talked about the fact that every week there is a time for us to open up God’s word, see the truths, and look for us to apply those truths to our lives. Just coming to Merge won’t make you grow in Christ any more than buying expensive pots and pans makes you a chef, but the opportunity is there. I challenged them to make the most out of the opportunity  they have to engage with God during Merge.

Each week I’ll do a recap of Merge to give you as parents and idea about we are doing to help you have conversations with your student.

We currently have registrations for Middle School Fall Retreat. Click this link to register online. 




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