Merge Recap 9/18

the-gospelTeaching Series: What is the Gospel? (1 week)
Message in a sentence: We were once slaves to sin, but through Christ we have freedom!

Last week was our first Merge of the semester and it was a great one! Last night continued where last week left off.

Since we are so new in the semester, Bart and I feel that laying out the Gospel and what Christ has done for us in extremely important. So that what we did last night.

We looked at Titus 3:3-7. These verses set up wonderfully how we are apart from Christ.

  • Foolish-don’t understand the things of God. Completely lost.
  • Disobedient-we rebel against God and do whatever we want
  • Misled-we think our sin will make us happy, when it only causes us more pain
  • Slaves to lusts and passions-we go after the things in ways other than God intends (food, sex, entertainment)
  • Full of evil, envy, and hate-this one is pretty self explanatory

All of these things equal one word: SIN
and it’s because of sin that we cannot get to God.

But the Gospel is that Jesus came and did what we couldn’t! He lived the perfect, sinless life and then died in our place to free us from the slavery of sin.

I showed a video at the end to help drive the point home. You can find it here. 

This is the most important thing we can ever talk about! The Gospel is the starting point for all we to as a student ministry and so it makes sense that we being our semester talking about what Jesus has done for us.

I encourage you to have a conversation about with your student about these verses and how we have good news in Jesus.

In two weeks, on September 29, we being a three week series on parents and teenagers. I’m very excited for this series. If you have a topic you’d like to me cover, please let me know. I very much want your input into this series.




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