Merge Recap 9/29:Honoring Your Parents


Teaching Series: Family Matters (Week 1 of 3)
Message in a sentence: The best way for us as students to honor our parents is to show them respect.

I have been thinking and looking forward to this series since January and I’m glad it’s finally here!! My heart for this series is to help students better understand how to honor, respect, live with, and communicate with their parents. My heart for these blog posts to to give you as a parent some insight into what we talked about and some ways to encourage you in your relationship with your student.

I also want to honor and respect you as a parent is everything I do and say to your student. We try very hard to include parents in everything we do in our student ministry and I feel like this series is part of that.

Each week in order to give you the best idea about what we talked about, I will include a link to my actual teaching notes. I hope that they will serve as a good look to what I presented to students. I also came across several great online resources that I pulled information from. I will include the links to those sites and I hope they are beneficial to you as well.

The family is a very important thing. In fact God made the family before he made the Church. As a way of introduction we talked about 5 things that happen in a family dynamic:

1) Birthplace of our values
2) Relationship training center
3) Where you learn about authority
4) Where we learn about our value as a person
5) Where we learn about faith

You can read more about each point in my notes by clicking here.

Our guiding Scripture for the night was Ephesians 6:1-3. I think this was the perfect passage for us to look at because it includes one of the Ten Commandments and if you follow the full context of the passage, Paul is talking about how we as Christians should treat our parents.

I feel like the word Honor and Respect are words we use, but sometimes have a hard time defining. With this in mind I wanted the students to come up with working definitions of each word for us to use for the night. We defined honor as obey, respect, put in a high place, loyal, trust. We defined respect as reverence, listen to, obey, put in a high place, kindness, admiration.

I wanted this idea of honoring and respecting our parents to very practical. With this in mind, we looked at what it means for us to honor our parents.

  • Children-obedience, obey your parents
  • Teenagers-show them respect
  • Adults-treat parents with dignity

Middle school students find themselves in the children and the teenager category. So then we talked real world scenarios about how to respect our parents. Again I encourage you to check my notes for a full breakdown.

Our students came up with two ways they can show respect to you as parents this week.

1) Don’t talk back
2) Have a conversation with their parents.

Parent’s please be on the look out for your student being respectful. We are trying to be better about reinforcing good behavior with my kids instead of always pointing out the bad things they have done. By you acknowledging the times your student shows you respect, you are setting them up for more success.

I am praying that this series brings good things to you are your family.

Resource List
Zakk’s notes
5 Things the Family Teaches Us
How we Honor our Parents
Let the Healing Begin
What the Bible Says About Parents


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