Merge Recap 10/6: Submitting to Authority



Teaching Series: Family Matters (Week 2 of 3)
Message in a sentence: God gave you the parents He did for a reason, you need to submit and respect their authority.
Main Scripture: Romans 13:1-5

Last night we kicked off week 2 of our series Family Matters. We talked about how we need to submit to authority, in the case of students, their parents. One of the things we mentioned was that submitting to parents was how students learned how to submit to all authority. I told them that even as adults, we are under authority, so it’s a good idea to know how to but live under it.

I want to approach this post differently than I normally do. What I try to do is give you an idea about what we talked about, any major themes that came up, and think through some ways you can follow up with your student about what we talked about. For this series I’m post my teaching notes so you’ll see what I’m putting out there for students.

Because the notes are posted, I want to challenge you today to be parents worthy of submitting to. 

Your students are watching everything you are doing. Even though they may not admit it, they are watching. They are looking for insight on how they can best navigate life and you are their prime example.
So since you are the prime example, how are you at submitting to authority?

How do you talk about your boss?
How do you talk about police officers?
How do you talk about our governmental leaders?
How do you talk about anyone who is in authority?

These are important questions that we must ask because again our students are watching. They are developing their ideas about submitting to authority by watching us.

They also are watching to see if we are even worthy of submitting to.

Do we mean what we say?
Do we follow through?
Are we demonstrating integrity?
What kind of authority submission are demonstrating to our students?

I do not want to come down on you, but I want to challenge you.

We said last night that God gave you your child for a specific reason, it was not by accident. Are you making the most of your opportunity to raise your child to submit and respect the authority that God has placed over them?

Resource List
Zakk’s notes for week 1
Zakk’s notes for week 2
Parents as Examples of Christ
What the Bible says about Parents
99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers-We gave this book away at the beginning of the semester at our Parent Open House. We still have a few copies available in the Attic. Call or stop by and we’ll get you one.


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