Merge Recap 10/13: Communicating with Parents



Teaching Series: Family Matters (Week 3 of 3)
Message in a sentence: Communication is hard but it’s worth the effort.
Series in a sentence: You have the choice to honor, submit, and communicate, with your parents.
Main Scripture: Psalm 141:3 

Last night we wrapped up our series Family Matters, where we talked about 3 aspects of dealing with parents. Week 1 we looked at How to Honor Our Parents, Week 2 we looked at Submitting to Authority, and to end the series we tlked about Communicating with Parents.

When I was thinking through our parents series, I knew I had to come with some kind of title and finally settled on Family Matters. The longer I sat with this title, something stood out to me about it: it’s a play on words.
1) Matters of the Family
2) Family is something that Matters

I think we successfully hit both of those ideas as we have looked at the family, specifically at parents.

As with the other weeks in the series, last night notes are available online for you to view to see what we covered.

This will be my last post for this specific series and there are several thoughts I want to leave you with as parents.

Ephesians 6:4 gives an instruction to parents. Bring instruction, correction (discipline) but also be patient and kind to your children.

You have the responsibility of raising Godly children. Out of all the parents on the planet, God gave them to you!

What are you teaching to your children? We talked about in week 1 that your values affect your children’s value. And what you demonstrate as important is understood more than what you say is important.

A specific thought on what we talked about last night: Let your students know you are available to talk, but don’t be afraid to schedule a time to talk. I gave your student a ton of ways to communicate effectively with you, take the time to communicate back!

One final thought on the importance of parents, specifically dads:
(Stats from a Rick Warren tweet)

91% of homeless or runaway teens
75% of teens in drug rehab
71% of high school dropouts
Come from fatherless homes

Parents: don’t ever underestimate the impact you have on your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development!

Resource List
Zakk’s notes wk1
Zakk’s notes wk2
Zakk’s notes wk3
Talking to Parents blog
Accidental Adolescence blog (this is actually a blog for youth ministers, but it had some great info. I had to share it with you.)
99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers-We gave this book away at the beginning of the semester at our Parent Open House. We still have a few copies available in the Attic. Call or stop by and we’ll get you one.




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