Merge Recap 11/3: Designed for Community


Teaching Series: Saturated (Week 1 of 3)
Message in a sentence: God designed us for community, commands us to love, and then gives us an example of love to follow.

On Sunday we launched our newest series in Merge called Saturated: What Fills Our Hearts Will Lead Our Lives. In this series we’ll be looking how students and social media can coexist.

We started this series by talking how God designed us for community. We read in Genesis 1:26-27 that we are created in God’s image. We also see a very important word ‘our’. God is a communal God meaning he exists as part of the Trinity. Because God is in community with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and we are made in His image we are wired to be in community also.

Then we talk about how we live in community. In Luke 10:27 we see that we are to love God and then love people. Jesus, in another part of Scripture, tells that loving people is equally important to loving God (Matt. 22:39). So as Christians our lives should be marked by love for others.

Then we looked that God is and gave us the perfect example of love. In 1 John 4:19 and 1 John 4:9-10 we that God is love and that because of His love, He sent Jesus to come and die in our place to pay for our sin.

So God designed us for community, commands us to love, and then gives us an example of love to follow. 

Now what in the world doe this have to do with social media?!

By it’s very design, social media plays on the role of us being designed for community. If you look at the mission statements of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram they all talk about connecting people, making the world more open and connected, and sharing moments.

What we are talking about in this series goes far beyond social media, but how we relate to others. The things we will talk about in this series will be practical. With the idea that we are command to love and then given an example of love, how does that play out in my dealings with social media? God wants our Christian walk to touch every area of our lives including how we represent ourselves online.

We walked through and I gave them a copy of this card of some things to think about when interacting on social media or in any relationship they are in.


Just like with our Family Matters series, Each week I’ll give you a few resources that I’ve found that I want to make you aware of to help you as you walk through social media with your student.

Resource List 
-A great place for trends, facts, and a ton of resources to help you.
A Parents Guide to Understanding Social Media-a great book that talks all about youth and social media



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