Merge Recap 11/10: Acting Godly on Social Media


Teaching Series: Saturated (Week 2 of 3)
Message in a sentence: As Christians we should live lives that glorify God in everything we do, even on social media.

One of my main goals for this series is that it’ll be useful to those who are on social media and those who are not. The challenge with the message of acting Godly touches every area of our lives. God does not want our faith to live in it’s own little bubble that does’t touch any other area of our lives. What He wants is for our faith to touch and affect EVERY area of our lives. So my faith should touch my school life, my sports life, my relationship with my parents, brothers/sisters, husband/wife; every area.

It’s with this in mind that we started the second night of the Saturated series.

We looked at three points that paint a picture of how we should live our lives.

1) God commands us to use social media for His glory-1 Corinthians 10:31
2) You’ll stand before God and give an account for your actions-Romans 14:12
3) You can use social media as a tool for evil or to bring glory to God-Romans 6:13

I really wanted to challenge our students to think about how they are presenting themselves online. It’s very easy for them to become some other version of themselves on social media, but if they are a follower of Christ they should be reflecting Christ.

Like last week I gave our students a card to help them think about how to be a leader on social media.

Saturated Card


Again, every week I’ll include some resources for you as a parent to help you and your student navigate the waters of social media and the internet.

Resource List
All About Sexting-a look at what sexting is, and some ways to you combat your student engaging in it
Growing up with Technology-a look at some of the trends that are happening as students grow up in a digital world
Zakk’s notes for week 2



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