Merge Recap 11/17: The Need to Unplug



Teaching Series: Saturated
Message in a sentence: As Christ followers, we should follow Christ in every area of our lives, even in His example to unplug.
Main Scripture Passage: Matthew 14:22-23

To end our look about how we should interact with social media, I thought it was really important for us to look at why we should unplug sometimes. By unplug, I simply mean take a break. We take breaks from a lot of things, but seldom to take a break from media. Even as adults we are tempted to check work email or voicemail while on vacation.

In our passage of Scripture, we looked a very familiar story about Jesus, but talked about the often overlooked part about when Jesus withdrew from people.

In doing my prep for last night I came a across several instances where Christ got alone-when he unplugged.

  • Before picking His Apostles
  • After heavy ministry
  • To take a break from people
  • Before the Cross

If Jesus would take time to unplug, so should we!

I challenged our student with reasons why I think they can’t unplug
1) Constantly wanting to see what people are saying
2) Don’t want to miss anything or Fear of Missing Out Syndrome
3) They are bored
4) Want to feel connected to others-they feel lonely or disconnected with our their devices. This is probably the most alarming of all reasons. More and more students are finding their self-worth in how many followers they have or how many likes they get.

To counter their reasons why they can’t unplug, I presented several reasons why they should:

1) The average media consumption for 8-18 year olds has risen from 7.5 hours in 1990 to 10 hours and 45 minutes in 2013.
So think about this, if students engage media for 11 hrs, and are at school for 7 hrs, that only leaves 6 hours for sleep.

2) We need more personal interaction-face to face. Ways of hearing other people’s voices. 80% of communication is nonverbal. Face to face interaction is vital to us as humans

3) We need interaction with God. His voice gets lost in all the noise around us. This is why Jesus would unplug.

4) Be present with what you’re doing. Don’t live life through your phone screen. Take mental pictures, not just digital ones.

5) Temptation to sin-porn use is on the rise. Especially with middle school students. Students like never before have an easy and quick way to access it on their phones.
Anger and Jealousy also play out on social media and are just as dangerous in our lives.

So my challenge this week for our students to unplug. To get off social media for 7 days. And as with every week I get them a card to help the make the most of their time.

saturated wk3


I was incredibly surprised about the reaction I got when I challenged our students to unplug. You would have thought I asked them for $100 a piece. Parents, help encourage your student to take some time to unplug. Don’t be afraid to ask what they’ve picked up in this series that can help them as they engage social media.

Resource List
When is your child looking at porn?– a resource to help have conversations about porn with your child.
A Parents guide to Cyberbullying-Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic and this will help you to better parent you child through it.
Creating a Media Safe Home
Social Media 101:Selfies


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