Sex and Dating Week 2



Series: Sex and Dating (week 2 of 2)
Message in a sentence: God, as the creator of sex, has a specific design for it that differs greatly from what the world say sex should be.

Last Sunday morning we concluded our look at sex and dating. As I mentioned in last week’s post my goal in this series to give them God’s view point on sex. He is the one that created sex and He also created the boundaries for sex. We talked about his original plan for sex and how that should play out in our lives.

As you will see if you take a look at my notes, we started the morning by defining what purity is and why it’s important that we remain pure before marriage and after we are married. We did something that I have never done before and that read a ton of scripture over a group a students. I came with 5 printed pages that all dealt with purity. It was a great way to start off the morning.

One of my favorite things we talked about what that we can glorify God with how we handle ourselves in regard to sex. When we live as we God intends, it’s an act of worship.

Included below are my notes and additional resources that I found to help me on this topic. Please take a look and consider how you will use them to have further conversations about sex with your student.

Zakk’s week 2 notes
Purity Scriptures
Pornography Stats
Online Safe Guards
Conevant Eyes-Accountablility and filtering resources that help protect your computer, cell phones, and tablets


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