Merge Recap 3/2


Seres: Promise Maker, Promise Keeper (week 3 of 4)
Message in a Sentence: All of God’s promises are fulfilled in Christ.
Main Scriptures: Acts 17:17-23, 26-33, 38-39

At the beginning of this series I knew for this specific week I want to have a guest speaker. The reason behind this was because we talked about the promise that was fulfilled in Christ. This is the most important message in the series since it talked about Christ being the Son of God, how he died for our sin, and rose again.

Students have heard me talk about this before and sometimes bringing in another voice who brings the same message, but in a different way, can help students make a connection with Christ.

This week I brought in one of our former college students and someone who is considering full time ministry, Travis Teague. He has also done some speaking at Fall Retreat last year.

Travis did a great job presenting the promise of Christ from Acts 13. He also brought out 7 points out of this passage to help see God’s promise in Christ.

1) God is faithful even in our disobedience 
2) God’s promises are fulfilled in His ways and His time
3) God makes His promises for our good and His glory
4) All of God’s promises are fulfilled in Christ
5) God promised Jesus would come, be broken, and be killed
6) God promised Jesus would be raised and seated at God’s right hand
7) The promised of God rest on His grace

All of these points are illustrated in the main passage.

Travis also set up a promise that is made to us when we receive Christ: This is the promise that he made to us–eternal life. 1 John 2:25
With that eternal life come forgiveness of sin and the opportunity to be with Christ forever! What a great promise that God makes to us through Christ.

We encouraged students to accept Christ if they haven’t yet or to find comfort in that promise that they have if they have accepted Christ.

As everyone left we handed our cards that had different links for smartphone wallpapers. I’m excited for these because they provide a reminder of God’s promises to our student and can be a conversation piece for their friends who might not know Christ.

I want encourage you to download them for you smartphone or tablet.


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