Disciple Now 2014

greater title slide 2


There is a certain temptation when you do an event every year to claim that the most current year is the best year ever. In most cases this is simply hype.

Disciple Now 2014 was in all honesty the best year!

Bart and I are incredibly grateful for what God did in the life of our students and volunteers this year a Dnow.

Our theme this year was Greater and it centered around the idea that God is greater than anything. Anything is an all encompassing word. We often times can put things in front of God and when we do this it limits our view of how great God is. Our push this year was for student to get a greater view of who God is.

Like last year Bart and I wrote the bible studies that the students studied in the host home small groups. We focused on chapters 3, 4 and 5 of 2 Corinthians and our major themes were:

Bible Study 1: He is Greater–You become what you behold
Bible Study 2: His Power is Greater than my Weakness–Live to display His Glory
Bible Study 3: Called to Something Greater–Join in His Mission

Our speaker, Jay Hardwick, did a great job of relating what they learned in bible study to our large group worship without rehashing what they talked about in the bible study.

Like last year our worship leader, Josh Dry, lead the band and our times of worship were amazing. Each student talked about how impactful our large group worship sessions were to the weekend.

While I could go on an on about what happened at Dnow, I’d love you to talk with some of our students about what God did in there lives over the weekend. That is best way to get a picture of all that was Disciple Now 2014.

We made a highlight video to show on Sunday morning. You can find that video here.


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