DR Mission Team Update #1

As I am sitting here waiting on the rest of our team to arrive from the airport in Santo Domingo at our hotel (THEY HAVE LANDED AND ARE ON THE WAY!), I wanted to quickly write a post and update everyone on our team.

There is probably way too much that could be said about the past 36 hours of travel but here is what I feel might be most important:

1. God is in control! He has been so faithful to meet our needs.

2. God must have something incredible in store for this week!

3. We have some absolutely incredible students and adults who have been amazing through this process with incredible, selfless attitudes! The praying pelican staff has been phenomenal and flexible and has taken great care of us!

4. God is at work! After day 1, we debriefed with some of our team here at the Hotel. It is amazing what God is already teaching us and the ways he I stretching us.

Quick day recap: Today, the students and adults who are here were able to eat lunch at Pastor Francis’ church and dinner at Pastor Yorbi’s. So we met both groups and really connected with both.

We were introduced to a couple we will be helping build a small, cinder block shelter for a home–really making our work here tangible. They have a family of three and so what we build will be their residence for years to come and they were so incredibly grateful.

We were able to connect with some kids and adults despite a language barrier which we all really enjoyed.

We sat through two touching service, one a graduation for women who were a part of a baking ministry at Pastor Francis’ church (Oasis Church). They are using the program to give some of their women a practical skill to bring into the marketplace.

At the Baptist Church, Pastor Yorbi delivered a message that hit is right at home about how we are called to rejoice in sharing in Christ’s suffering and to know He is worth it–pretty relevant message huh? Puts our momentary suffering in lots of perspective.

Hope this helps orientate you to today. Here are some pics.

image image image image image image image


3 thoughts on “DR Mission Team Update #1

  1. So thankful y’all are all finally there!! Thanks for keeping us updated!! I am praying for all of you this week!!

  2. Number 2: My sentiments EXACTLY!! AFTER such a difficult time getting there, I thought last night, God must really have an incredible moving of the Holy Spirit prepared for our staff, dr churches, volunteers, and all the youth!!!! letting you know am praying big time for this week.
    love and hugs,
    Mama Jo
    Reagan’s grandmother

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