DR Mission Trip Update #2

I finally have a few minutes of spare time and so I thought it would be great to post an update. I would like to take the chance to walk you through the different ministry opportunities we had this week.image image image image image image image image image

Team Pastor Francis is the team who is working with Oasis Church. Every morning, the team does construction projects and every afternoon we do children’s ministry.

The construction projects were difficult but incredibly rewarding. Our team was split into three groups–two working on building cinder block homes and one digging a well.  The construction of the homes involved moving cinder blocks from the road to the work site, mixing concrete (by shovel not machine!), and laying the block with the help of a Maestro (a foreman). By the middle of our first day many of our students picked up on the process so fast, they could work on their own without help from the Maestro.

The most satisfying part of building the home had to be working with the family who would be living in it. Wilson is the name of the Dad, his wife’s name is Carla, and they have a toddler named Wilbur. Wilson was out there every day, showing us how to build, and getting to know each other pretty effectively despite the language barrier. He was so grateful for the ministry we were providing and impressed with how hard we were working. Leaving him was a bittersweet moment as we really developed a strong relationship as brothers in Christ!

The other project at Oasis Church was our well digging project. One of the church members, Elizabeth, shared with us how she walks over a mile with her kids every day to the church to take showers. Her eyes welled up as she spoke about their need for water. Our well team worked so hard to begin the process for her family to have the access to water she so desperately needs. We were able to get down through the most difficult layers of dirt and roots so that another team will be able to complete the 40-ft well! Elizabeth was so grateful but also spoke of her family’s joy that, despite not having access to water, she knows the One who gives Living Water!

We haven’t even talked about children’s ministry so I will summarize it briefly. We were blown away by the amount of kids that showed up each day for VBS! At Oasis Church we had around 70 kids each day. Our students were responsible for leading the bible story, craft, music, and everything else and they did a phenomenal job of sharing the love of Christ with each kid.

We wrapped up with a big thank you time and we all came away with a sense of humility in the opportunity to serve Christ together and share the Gospel with the community as the Global Church. The church was so hospitable and poured into us, and hopefully, we also poured into them. There is so much more, but little time, so I look forward to tthe conversations we will all have at home!

Here are a few pics from Team Francis and I will update you as soon as I can on team Yorbi!




One thought on “DR Mission Trip Update #2

  1. I am so excited to hear of all the wonderful things this team has done!! I cannot wait to hear of all the life changing experiences they had!! Prayers for safe (and quick) travels tomorrow!! Love you guys!!

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