DR Mission Trip Update #3

image image image image image image image imageWell, we are currently sitting in the Charlotte airport–again, haha, for our flight home. Everything is good though as our flight is on time and our flight this AM was smooth. I thought I would take this chance to summarize the projects we did with Pastor Yorbi.

The first construction project was the roof of the church. Our team had to scrape, scrub, and Clorox the roof in order to paint it. It was hard and very hot work but, by the third day, they were able to paint! Our team on the roof were mostly girls which impressed the community around us!

The second project at the Baptist Church was to break apart a concrete slab, dig out about two feet of dirt to level out a floor, and build a shelter to feed kids breakfast every Sunday morning. The work was tough, but our team did a great job of rotating workers and figuring out the most efficient way of breaking up and shoveling the dirt. While we were working, some men from the church welded metal supports for the roof. They put the roof on and the project was finished!

In the afternoon, Pastor Yorbi’s team also did children’s ministry. We had over 100 kids every day come for the program. We used a local shelter with a volleyball court to hold the VBS. Pastor Yorbi’s passion for children’s ministry was evident as he jumped in and helped lead some songs and talk with the kids. Our team was incredibly helpful as they planned bible story, crafts, games, and we even combined bands for music.

At both sites, our teams were shown incredible hospitality and fed very well for lunch each day. Pastor Yorbi had us for lunch in his own home everyday.

Thats a quick summary of both worksites and I hope each post helps spark conversation with your teenager about this life-changing trip!


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