Sex and Dating series Recap


Two weeks ago, we started our yearly look at sex and dating for our middle school students.

The reason we do this was made so clear to me when a student asked, “Why are we studying this in church?!”

I’m sure many of the other students in the room were wondering the same thing, but he was the only one willing to voice it.

My answer to him was simple. The reason we do this series is because the world around us has expressed its views about sex and if we as the church do not stand up and talk about God’s designs and views on sex, then our student will believe the wrong messages and believe the lie that the world tells about sex.

Attached below you will find my notes from the past weeks. I provide these so I can be as transparent with you as possible. Since these are my notes, it might be hard to know what I meant, or what I was trying to say. Please contact me so I can answer any questions you might have.

Also below you’ll find some links that will help you as you prepare to and talk to your student about sex and dating. There are also some great resources dealing with pornography.

My hope and prayer is that this will help you as you have conversations with your student about sex. I say conversations because we are long past the time where a simple sex talk would do. The sex talk needs to happen regularly.

I told our students that I love them and that even more than your love for them is God’s love for them. He wants them to date well. He wants them to make wise decisions when it comes to dating and sex. He also wants them to marry well.

All of these things are hard to when they have the wrong views of sex and dating.

Please let me know how I can best serve you and your family.

Week 1 Notes

Week 2 Notes


 Tips for Parents on Talking About Porn

What to do if Your Student is Looking at Porn

Your Children and Sex

Pornography and Sex

Books for Students on Sex from Christian Authors



Sex and Dating Week 2



Series: Sex and Dating (week 2 of 2)
Message in a sentence: God, as the creator of sex, has a specific design for it that differs greatly from what the world say sex should be.

Last Sunday morning we concluded our look at sex and dating. As I mentioned in last week’s post my goal in this series to give them God’s view point on sex. He is the one that created sex and He also created the boundaries for sex. We talked about his original plan for sex and how that should play out in our lives.

As you will see if you take a look at my notes, we started the morning by defining what purity is and why it’s important that we remain pure before marriage and after we are married. We did something that I have never done before and that read a ton of scripture over a group a students. I came with 5 printed pages that all dealt with purity. It was a great way to start off the morning.

One of my favorite things we talked about what that we can glorify God with how we handle ourselves in regard to sex. When we live as we God intends, it’s an act of worship.

Included below are my notes and additional resources that I found to help me on this topic. Please take a look and consider how you will use them to have further conversations about sex with your student.

Zakk’s week 2 notes
Purity Scriptures
Pornography Stats
Online Safe Guards
Conevant Eyes-Accountablility and filtering resources that help protect your computer, cell phones, and tablets

Sex and Dating Week 1


Series: Sex and Dating (week 1 of 2)
Message in two sentences: God’s plan for our lives includes our dating and married life. We need to ask ourselves some questions to make sure we date in a way that pleases Him.

On Sunday morning we kicked off a series looking at sex and dating and what God has to say about it. I enjoy talking with students about this because they are getting blasted with all kinds of messages about how to date and how they should view sex in 2014.

My goal in this series to give them God’s view point on sex. He is the one that created sex and He also created the boundaries for sex. We will talk about his original plan for sex and how that should play out in our lives.

This week we looked at dating and asked 7 questions we need to ask ourselves  about dating.

For this series I will be providing my notes. I think it will be a little easier than trying to do a full recap and it will save you some time.

My hope is that this will help you have conversations with your student about sex and dating. Gone are the days when a single talk about sex will work. It has to be an ongoing conversation between you and your student.

As always we are available to help in any way possible.
One way I want to help is by compiling some resources that will help you talk with your student. Next week in addition to my notes I will include several items that will help you navigate these waters.

One thing I mentioned yesterday that I would like you to try is date your student. When I was in middle school and early high school, my dad would take my sister out on dates and my mom would take me out. My dad took my sister out to demonstrate to her how a guys should treat her on a date. My mom took me out to help me to learn how to treat a lady. Obviously my dad and I had conversation about this also, but it was great getting a female’e perspective. This is something easy that you can do and will help strengthen  your relationship.

Zakk’s Week 1 Notes